Below are the federations currently using the "Otsuka Score System 2000".
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This software product is protected by the Copyright Act and also international copyright treaty.
Please read the following contract, before using Otsuka Score System 2000.
It assumed that (you) the user of this software is in agreement with the following contract document by using Otsuka Score System 2000, even in the case that user of this software has not read the following contract completely.
The Copyright
Otsuka Enterprise Inc. has the copyright to this document and also this software product including the product manual. This software product is protected by the prescription of a Copyright Act and also the International Treaty. Therefore, a user of this software is expected to treat this software product like any other copyright software. A user of this software has permission to install this software product on their computer. A user of this software is unauthorized to copy related documents including the manual.
Use License Contract Document
This Use License Contract document is the legal contract document between the software user and Otsuka Enterprise Inc. regarding the Otsuka Score System 2000 software product that is shown below. This software product includes the electronic documents including the computer software and manual. By installing and/or copying this software product the user of this software has accepted to restrict their usage to the conditions of this contract document. In the case that the intended software user does not agree to the conditions of this contract document, they are requested to return the software product immediately, unused, to Otsuka Enterprise Inc.
This contract document licenses the following right to the software user;
(a) The software user is unable to transfer this software product, by resale or by any other known method.
(b) This software product is licensed as one product. It is not to be used in part and sections of the program must not be hacked
  or altered in any way.
(c) The user of this software is prohibited from renting or leasing this software product.
(d) In the case the software user breaches one or more of the conditions of this contract document, Otsuka Enterprise Inc. has
  authority to cancel this contract without incurring any consequential, indirect, incidental, punitive or special damages.
  In such a circumstance the software user must nullify all copies of this software.